A heart touching short film

2019, Sep 22

A Virtue - heart touching short film

This blog is about me. Apart from being a techie I have a lot of interests in acting. I love how as an actor you're able to embody different personalities and interpret them in your own way through your acting. I feel that this allows me to be more understanding and empathic to the people I come across in my everyday life.

From my childhood, I like the stage even as an audience. This liking made me enter to the world of acting. During my college days we had started a dramatic club named as "Toneelstuk". I am not actively associated with it but watching closely to the events and achievements. And it is doing well and growing day by day. Let's talk about the heart touching short film "A Virtue".

A Virtue

a virtue

An act of goodness is enough to bring a smile in someone's face. As the title suggests, this short film displays how a rich spoilt brat brings a smile on his housekeeper's face with an act of goodness. The housekeeper works the whole day sweeping and cleaning house for minimal wages and the rich brat lives to his fullest enjoying each and every moment of his life. But when the brat sees the hard work and struggle of the housekeeper, he does something special that makes the housekeeper's day. So let's all do one act of goodness per day or month or year, to bring smile on the faces of those people. Watch the video to find out more.

Here is our team -

 Gobinda Thakur (me) - Actor

Siddharth Kar  - Actor

Sidharth Goutam  -  Director

Som-yo  -  Music Director

It was released on DreamScheme youtube channel. There are many videos in this channel you might be like.

Apart from office work and personal work, it is very hard to get extra time for shooting. It took 2 whole days (nearly 35 hours) to shoot this short film and nearly one month for sound dubbing and music. It went viral on social media and was appreciated by all of our friends and team members and got 1500 views and 174 likes within 2 weeks.

Do watch this short film and give your precious comments. Please do not forget to like and share it.